China manufacturer Fh311772/E85043 Agricultural Spare Parts Pickup for John Deere Baler manufacturer

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FH311772/E85043 Agricultural spare components Pickup For John Deere Baler


If your hay baler is missing the pickup band, consider changing it with a poly pickup. These bands are simple to install and can substitute worn types with out sacrificing overall performance. Choose the kind of pickup band you need under. Then, you can pick a new baler dependent on your demands. This article will describe the positive aspects of utilizing a new pickup band. You can uncover a pickup band that is right for your hay baler.
A MegaWide Furthermore pickup will make the bales better-shaped by bettering crop pickup, specifically when functioning in windrows of variable widths. Its MegaTough pickup tooth will stand up to large influence hundreds without yielding. The pickup tooth are strengthened toothbars for increased longevity and strength. A hefty C-channel development will aid them resist wear and harm. The pickup rotor is chain-driven, permitting it to begin the bale positively and proficiently.

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Type: Agricultural
Usage: Agricultural Products Processing, Farmland Infrastructure, Tillage, Harvester, Planting and Fertilization, Grain Threshing, Cleaning and Drying
Material: Iron
Power Source: Electricity
Weight: 0.95kg
After-sales Service: Installation Guide 3-Year Warranty